about us

Jikoo is an asset-based community development business. We seek to activate vacant land in traditionally marginalized neighborhoods with technology, innovation and a modular menu of solutions through co-designing spaces *with* the residents that will benefit most from it. We are a series of smart parks, connected via a wireless backbone, seeking to link community. With a purpose. 

Co-Designing and activating Neighborhoods with Technology, innovation and creativity.

The Problem – Cleveland has 13,000 vacant parcels of land in its land bank. These properties have no development plans. However, there are costs to the city to catalog and maintain them. These properties do not generate tax revenue, but contribute to neighborhood blight, illegal activity, and overall poor social determinants of health for the surrounding neighborhoods.

The Solution – Jikoo engages with cities and municipalities to get access to strategically place vacant lots. We decide on a budget, then engage the residents surrounding the lot to co-design the space with a modular menu of features, to ensure it meets their needs.